Flights Vol 1 – “H2” Harkness Herriott Duo

Flights Vol 1 - “H2” Harkness Herriott Duo

“Mike Herriott and Sean Harkness cleverly use their friendship as an additional instrument in their new recording ‘Flights’. I get a feeling that they genuinely like each other and it shows. Their choice of flugel horn and guitar was a master stroke. It’s a perfect musical pairing like Cabernet and steak that you can taste for yourself in songs like ‘Myffed’.” – Tim Tamashiro – Host of Tonic (weekends), CBC Radio 2

“I love this combination of guitar and flugelhorn; to my ears, these instruments were meant for each other. Harkness and Herriott prove this point, on this, their first collaboration. They complement each other like two well seasoned pros, giving and taking as the music flows. This is an album that you would buy for your friends, it’s that good. I am already looking forward their next release!” – Arnold van Klaveren, CFUV

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Label: Independent, 2010

“Tales of Tricksters and Vagabonds” now available worldwide!!

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  1. Rumpelstiltskin
  2. Puss, in Boots
  3. Rodion’s Republic (Crime & Punishment)
  4. ‘Umble Uriah (David Copperfield)
  5. Mercutio (Romeo & Juliet)
  6. Sir Jack (Henry IV)

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