Press Quotes

Mike Herriott

Although perhaps best known as a classical trumpeter who extends into a number of milieus, Mike Herriott is also a multi-gifted, multi-instrumentalist who regularly acquits himself brilliantly on trumpet, French horn, trombone, electric and acoustic bass, piano, percussion and more.”

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, The WholeNote

H2: Mike Herriott & Sean Harkness Duo

Herriott’s horn and Harkness’s strings work on a very intimate basis, with elegant sounds abounding in an overall easygoing vibe – not an easy listening vibe, but one that commands attention be paid to the polished accomplishments of the performers.”

Geoff Chapman,

…it is clear that guitarist Sean Harkness and fugelhornist Mike Herriott belong on stage or in the studio can cut the chemistry with a knife.”

Jazz Inside, New York

You can tell something clicked between the two as they know how to dance around each other in a sprightly fashion that underplays the vibe and smarts running between them.”

Midwest Record

..a perfect musical pairing like Cabernet and steak that you can taste for yourself..”

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.